Sunday, 28 January 2018


Today's topic has been most definitely positivity. For me it happens to be really easy to see good things in life, but what if it isn't?

My day started with listening my friends anger boost about bad last night sleep, doing dishes and studying. She cursed the whole day and almost life too. Sometimes it feels like negativity has filled her up. What if this kind of thinking becomes a habit? Actually I didn't even know it could be a habit until now. 

I've been watching Mimi Ikonn now for a while and one thing that separates her from others is her way of life living positive. I watched her latest video 2017 favorites and there she talked about this book Law of Attraction and Five Minute Journal. Straight after that my friend had flipped out and I got to thinking how much the way we react and focus on bad things affects our general state of mind. 

I recommend to watch Mimi's video, but here is a short version of what she talked about:
Law of attraction means (as I understand it) that what you focus on you're gonna be more attracted to. So how I see it is that the more you see negative or positive things in life, it makes you after a time to think that way of everything. And this blows my mind because it works for how we see ourselves, others, dreams and goals. If I think of positive thoughts everyday it's gonna shape my mind into thinking that way too. Same works for negativity if I say my life is miserable today and keep telling that to myself constantly then after a while I believe it's true. Not to forget how it could help in achieving dreams which should be turned into goals.

Other thing she talked about was this Five minute journal, where you spend 5 minutes in a day to write down what makes you happy or you are grateful for. I haven't tried that one yet but for me it naturally comes to mind just by seeing something beautiful or eating good food. When starting to appreciate the smallest things in life all around you looks even better than before. 

I could ramble about this topic forever but lets stop here and maybe talk about this more in a future. Hope you got something out of this post and think of something you are happy to have and I'll get back to you soon.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Hello you, I wrote this a while ago when it was still summer but I hesitated and was afraid. I still am, but I think it's better to let feelings out to help myself and possibly someone else who feels the same way.
   So if you have a lack of inspiration or motivation because of fear then I hope you get something from this post. Forgive me for rambling and for still wondering what I actually wanted to say.

Every time I start writing a blog, I can't figure out what do I wanna say and how to keep it rolling. Interesting part is that it kind of mirrors to life. Trying to made up my mind and do what I love.
   Then comes the questions and doubt. 

   What if I mess up?

 Is this what I want? 

Am I gonna be good enough?

Mind keeps telling that somethings gonna go wrong, am I gonna regret this and the last thought which makes me stop: not being good enough. But do I believe those things? Are they true? Answer to that is always no. 

When the inspiration is dying, I find myself forgetting why I after all started something. Writing, painting or anything else. It's like that fear is killing inspiration and shutting ears and eyes from ideas.
   Then I find myself holding back and running away from my problems. In that place the only way for me to go is the other way than before, sometimes it isn't possible to climb the wall and that is okay. Just to believe there is a way, is enough. Because what would happen if we stop dreaming?

When struggling with these things in our minds, it's necessary to remember how strong we actually are. I believe that if a person sees the strength he or her has, they can achieve so much more.

Where do you find your strength?


Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Hello there!
My weekend was surrounded by hot drinks, chocolate and friends.
Once again one of my good friends came to town and we took some time to just chill and hang around.
These kind of moments are also great when it comes to taking profile pictures!
We most definitely didn't pass that opportunity. 

While my friend was wearing leather jacket, I gladly had taken longer coat with me. And when my hair started to get frizzy there was no doubt I was missing a hat or gloves. She says she is sticking with cozy jumpers and tea rather than putting her leather jacket to wait for next year. We'll see how long that plan works.

We walked this path made out of wooden planks, across a swamp. It was full of pinewood which let the light come though when there still was some.

Something is really funny in this picture. I had a full series of pics how I almost collapsed to the ground while being so amused by a message (obviously). But lets keep that message as a secret.

After a while it got a little too cold for us to walk any further. We got back to the car, ate few pieces of chocolate and head back to her mothers place to cuddle with two Schipperkes. I swear I tried to take a picture of them, had one or two. Both out of focus. Sometimes you just can't win.

From these feelings to an album that I'm listening mostly which is still Demi Lovatos Tell me you love me.
Second favorite is definitely Hurts' album, Desire. Which I am actually gonna hear live on November.
Hurts bring their Desire tour to Finland as a black box concert. Can't wait for it! 

Until next time, have a great week and I'll get back to you soon.


Sunday, 8 October 2017


Hello to you from the bottom of my bed.
I've been sick now for a week and still not sure if it's only flu or mixture of it and five other things. According to yesterdays migraine which was a good reminder that I'm not ready to go to work. Either way I wanted to share with you how I have spent my days a blanket wrapped around me and snuggling in my bed while coughing my lungs out.

 This has been my set up for few days when I realized that I don't have to go anywhere if I just carry everything around me. I think it's acceptable in this state of mind. Just get those cozy socks on and laptop and keyboard next to you.

Now that I have had time to kill , what a better way to do it than learn a new song to play and watch Youtube. On Youtube I'm following right now mostly Lydia Elise Millen and in the picture I'm watching her fiances (Ali Gordon) video. Lydia's videos are quite long and give usually about an hour to lay back, relax or do something while watching it. Other Youtuber that my friend recommended is KKandbabyJ whom are a family living in Florida. 

When staying home I can't just lay in bed without getting a random idea to draw or paint something. This time that random idea was to copy wood pattern. I've been thinking to learn this for a while and to paint on it with white some silhouette design. 

Sick days wouldn't be anything without a cup of tea and in my opinion some candle light. I'm drinking vanilla chai of a mug which is from Coincasa and says "you're music to my ears". 

Speaking of music. Have you already heard Demi Lovatos new album Tell me you love me?
If you haven't then go check it out, that album makes me wanna dance even if I wouldn't be on greatest mood. Even though the songs are mostly more sad than powering. A song that is possibly my favorite for now is Only forever.
Till next time, have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, 4 October 2017


If you're a person who loves to change some bits in decor for season then this is for you.
If you didn't know, I happen to live in Finland and when summer is over it starts to get really grey and dark day by day. For a little while leaves turn into beautiful colors and then starts rain that keeps on going for a week and those leaves after a time fall all down. 
Don't get me wrong, I love rain and changing seasons. But when it gets as dark as in Finland, you might wanna freshen up some things. 

Let's start with my divan. It's Ikea's Stocksund divan in grey-beige and to get it into Fall vibe I added some cushions and a blanket. The blanket is from Finlayson and has two shades of green on it, lighter and darker. Cushions are from who knows where but the mustard colored is Vallila Collections, Lilja pattern. And of course I had to put knitting in the picture because what would this season be without making hundred pairs of socks!

Next thing I have fell in love this year is dry flowers. I dried a bundle of roses that I got on my birthday in August and this is how good they look and give a touch of Falls magic. Not to forget candles, I have two of Skandinavisk candles beside the vase with a berry scent.

Okay this might be a little too much but I couldn't help it but buy those plastic leaves. On the windowsill is a wooden tray and on top of it two little pots with maple leaves. Little things which are easy to use for something else or put away till next year. This season also needs a lot of light so there is also a little light set that works with batteries.

Let's jump on to my balcony and find this bird cage that I am absolutely in love with. It has been there for the whole summer but it works just fine all year round. At least if I say so to myself. I have put a a plant in a pot inside it and it can be outside until it gets too cold for the plant. After that you can put in a candle or what ever you like. 

I believe that it's not too soon for fairy lights either and even though I didn't get a picture of them on my wall. I can assure you that they definitely are there. So let's get this pumpkin season going even in our decor and until next time, hope you're having a lovely day and we'll see soon.