9. Something you're afraid of

At first ideas of monsters under my bed became to my mind. Yes I still have my own imagination and after a horror movie I'll be on my guard if those monsters actually were real. (No more horror movies for me!) After threwing monsters away I thought that after all the scariest thing that I'm afraid is myself.
   Getting these ideas in my head like "Why did she look at me like that? There must be something wrong with me". Even though that person was probably just minding her own business. Or when you think you're not good enough because someone else is better.
   All the thoughts in our minds are creating good or bad feelings and if you let them catch you then you should probably think twice. It is so easy to fall onto the conception that I was the one doing it wrong and I'll never do it right. If we don't keep our heads up we will get into thinking like this all the time. That is why human mind is so scary. Because it's hard to think otherwise in good but easy to give in.

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