Autumn/Fall (how ever you say it) has landed and just like Iliza Shlesinger says in her stand up show "you don't even have to tell girls when it's fall, we know it". I happen to love her stand up's, she is hilarious! If you're into laughing at stereotyped girl problems, totally recommend it.

Is that my face when I sense it's time to take flannels and scarfs out of a closet? Wouldn't even be surprised. At least now it is okay to wear checkered shirts and my leather skirt. (I'm wearing Gina Tricot's Hilly shirt, 19.95€ and New Yorker leather skirt from last year.) I like to roll up my sleeves and tie the end of the shirt around my waist.

In the background is a stream that has been rebuilt about 20 years ago for catching salmon. It is half an hour away from where I live and me and my friends happened to get there when the owner of the land beside the stream was there too. Luckily we didn't disturb them and had a chat about the history behind it and a creepy house next to it. 

The other place that we visited was Kiikunlähde (if you wanna see more from there check the tags on the right). There is this amazing spring that is bright blue and you can see to the bottom of it because the water is so clear.

From these outdoor pictures it is time to move inside even though fresh air is always a good thing. In next post there will be stuff about how I like to decor for the season. Till next time, have a wonderful day and we'll see soon.



  1. Leatherskirt<3 t.Jani-75

  2. Tosi kiva asu :) Kiikunlähteelle on pitänyt suunnata jo monena viikonloppuna, ehkä jossain vaiheessa saan retken toteutettua!

    1. Kiitos! Suosittelen suuresti, se on niin kaunis paikka ja järkkärillä saa ainakin hyvin vedestä heijastuvan sinisen värin tallennettua niin kuvaaminenkin on miellyttävää kun on vähän erilaista. :D