I know it's already Fall and Summer is way back in the past already. Leaves have turned yellow and orange and starting to fall down as we are heading to colder whether. Here today I am still writing about a summer day. After this I'll crab a pair of comfy wool socks and a cup of tea. But just for this moment let's just go back to past the summer. Enjoy!


For a little while ago, my friends called me to go hangout somewhere nice and go photographing. It was Sunday afternoon and I could have just slept all day instead of leaving my flat. I had been out last night and got to sleep no one knows when. My mind said to me that I should just stay home but knew that is wasn't wise. They had moved to another city and I wanted to spend time with them when I could.

So I got myself together and we went to a beach. It was a beautiful sunny day and I really was in a need of fresh air. It didn't took long until I was graving to have my own camera right there with me.

   After a while and planning to change location, I crabbed camera from home, took a bottle of water with me and we drove to a country side. From a window I could see fields surrounding the road as we were approaching the lake where was a parking lot.

 From there I took them to this cliff to see landscape from a little bit higher angle. If you went to the other side of the cliff you could see your friend on the other side and the drop between.

If there is a place where soul rests, it has to be that cliff. It's not a massive one but the view is absolutely amazing.

Now that I have shared a moment of my summer it's good to move forward. It took me so long to get myself into writing again and finishing it too. And now that I post this one I think it might be easier to continue to another one. New start, new ideas.

See you soon in another post!


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