If you're a person who loves to change some bits in decor for season then this is for you.
If you didn't know, I happen to live in Finland and when summer is over it starts to get really grey and dark day by day. For a little while leaves turn into beautiful colors and then starts rain that keeps on going for a week and those leaves after a time fall all down. 
Don't get me wrong, I love rain and changing seasons. But when it gets as dark as in Finland, you might wanna freshen up some things. 

Let's start with my divan. It's Ikea's Stocksund divan in grey-beige and to get it into Fall vibe I added some cushions and a blanket. The blanket is from Finlayson and has two shades of green on it, lighter and darker. Cushions are from who knows where but the mustard colored is Vallila Collections, Lilja pattern. And of course I had to put knitting in the picture because what would this season be without making hundred pairs of socks!

Next thing I have fell in love this year is dry flowers. I dried a bundle of roses that I got on my birthday in August and this is how good they look and give a touch of Falls magic. Not to forget candles, I have two of Skandinavisk candles beside the vase with a berry scent.

Okay this might be a little too much but I couldn't help it but buy those plastic leaves. On the windowsill is a wooden tray and on top of it two little pots with maple leaves. Little things which are easy to use for something else or put away till next year. This season also needs a lot of light so there is also a little light set that works with batteries.

Let's jump on to my balcony and find this bird cage that I am absolutely in love with. It has been there for the whole summer but it works just fine all year round. At least if I say so to myself. I have put a a plant in a pot inside it and it can be outside until it gets too cold for the plant. After that you can put in a candle or what ever you like. 

I believe that it's not too soon for fairy lights either and even though I didn't get a picture of them on my wall. I can assure you that they definitely are there. So let's get this pumpkin season going even in our decor and until next time, hope you're having a lovely day and we'll see soon.


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