Hello to you from the bottom of my bed.
I've been sick now for a week and still not sure if it's only flu or mixture of it and five other things. According to yesterdays migraine which was a good reminder that I'm not ready to go to work. Either way I wanted to share with you how I have spent my days a blanket wrapped around me and snuggling in my bed while coughing my lungs out.

 This has been my set up for few days when I realized that I don't have to go anywhere if I just carry everything around me. I think it's acceptable in this state of mind. Just get those cozy socks on and laptop and keyboard next to you.

Now that I have had time to kill , what a better way to do it than learn a new song to play and watch Youtube. On Youtube I'm following right now mostly Lydia Elise Millen and in the picture I'm watching her fiances (Ali Gordon) video. Lydia's videos are quite long and give usually about an hour to lay back, relax or do something while watching it. Other Youtuber that my friend recommended is KKandbabyJ whom are a family living in Florida. 

When staying home I can't just lay in bed without getting a random idea to draw or paint something. This time that random idea was to copy wood pattern. I've been thinking to learn this for a while and to paint on it with white some silhouette design. 

Sick days wouldn't be anything without a cup of tea and in my opinion some candle light. I'm drinking vanilla chai of a mug which is from Coincasa and says "you're music to my ears". 

Speaking of music. Have you already heard Demi Lovatos new album Tell me you love me?
If you haven't then go check it out, that album makes me wanna dance even if I wouldn't be on greatest mood. Even though the songs are mostly more sad than powering. A song that is possibly my favorite for now is Only forever.
Till next time, have a wonderful day.


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