Hello there!
My weekend was surrounded by hot drinks, chocolate and friends.
Once again one of my good friends came to town and we took some time to just chill and hang around.
These kind of moments are also great when it comes to taking profile pictures!
We most definitely didn't pass that opportunity. 

While my friend was wearing leather jacket, I gladly had taken longer coat with me. And when my hair started to get frizzy there was no doubt I was missing a hat or gloves. She says she is sticking with cozy jumpers and tea rather than putting her leather jacket to wait for next year. We'll see how long that plan works.

We walked this path made out of wooden planks, across a swamp. It was full of pinewood which let the light come though when there still was some.

Something is really funny in this picture. I had a full series of pics how I almost collapsed to the ground while being so amused by a message (obviously). But lets keep that message as a secret.

After a while it got a little too cold for us to walk any further. We got back to the car, ate few pieces of chocolate and head back to her mothers place to cuddle with two Schipperkes. I swear I tried to take a picture of them, had one or two. Both out of focus. Sometimes you just can't win.

From these feelings to an album that I'm listening mostly which is still Demi Lovatos Tell me you love me.
Second favorite is definitely Hurts' album, Desire. Which I am actually gonna hear live on November.
Hurts bring their Desire tour to Finland as a black box concert. Can't wait for it! 

Until next time, have a great week and I'll get back to you soon.


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