Hello you, I wrote this a while ago when it was still summer but I hesitated and was afraid. I still am, but I think it's better to let feelings out to help myself and possibly someone else who feels the same way.
   So if you have a lack of inspiration or motivation because of fear then I hope you get something from this post. Forgive me for rambling and for still wondering what I actually wanted to say.

Every time I start writing a blog, I can't figure out what do I wanna say and how to keep it rolling. Interesting part is that it kind of mirrors to life. Trying to made up my mind and do what I love.
   Then comes the questions and doubt. 

   What if I mess up?

 Is this what I want? 

Am I gonna be good enough?

Mind keeps telling that somethings gonna go wrong, am I gonna regret this and the last thought which makes me stop: not being good enough. But do I believe those things? Are they true? Answer to that is always no. 

When the inspiration is dying, I find myself forgetting why I after all started something. Writing, painting or anything else. It's like that fear is killing inspiration and shutting ears and eyes from ideas.
   Then I find myself holding back and running away from my problems. In that place the only way for me to go is the other way than before, sometimes it isn't possible to climb the wall and that is okay. Just to believe there is a way, is enough. Because what would happen if we stop dreaming?

When struggling with these things in our minds, it's necessary to remember how strong we actually are. I believe that if a person sees the strength he or her has, they can achieve so much more.

Where do you find your strength?


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