Today's topic has been most definitely positivity. For me it happens to be really easy to see good things in life, but what if it isn't?

My day started with listening my friends anger boost about bad last night sleep, doing dishes and studying. She cursed the whole day and almost life too. Sometimes it feels like negativity has filled her up. What if this kind of thinking becomes a habit? Actually I didn't even know it could be a habit until now. 

I've been watching Mimi Ikonn now for a while and one thing that separates her from others is her way of life living positive. I watched her latest video 2017 favorites and there she talked about this book Law of Attraction and Five Minute Journal. Straight after that my friend had flipped out and I got to thinking how much the way we react and focus on bad things affects our general state of mind. 

I recommend to watch Mimi's video, but here is a short version of what she talked about:
Law of attraction means (as I understand it) that what you focus on you're gonna be more attracted to. So how I see it is that the more you see negative or positive things in life, it makes you after a time to think that way of everything. And this blows my mind because it works for how we see ourselves, others, dreams and goals. If I think of positive thoughts everyday it's gonna shape my mind into thinking that way too. Same works for negativity if I say my life is miserable today and keep telling that to myself constantly then after a while I believe it's true. Not to forget how it could help in achieving dreams which should be turned into goals.

Other thing she talked about was this Five minute journal, where you spend 5 minutes in a day to write down what makes you happy or you are grateful for. I haven't tried that one yet but for me it naturally comes to mind just by seeing something beautiful or eating good food. When starting to appreciate the smallest things in life all around you looks even better than before. 

I could ramble about this topic forever but lets stop here and maybe talk about this more in a future. Hope you got something out of this post and think of something you are happy to have and I'll get back to you soon.


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