Hey! It's been some time since I wrote last time. Guess it is time to update what is happening in my life.
(don't think I have even done any updates, so here's one!)

Another year working in a textile design store started in May as we moved to the city center.
Motivation has increased a lot with beautiful space, getting rid of yellow floor tiles and getting new grey laminate flooring. Couldn't be happier about this change!

Been also enjoying this wonderful weather that arrived to Finland. It has been 25 to 30 degrees, which is not that common when it comes to the Finnish summer. Beach has become my bestfriend.
As we are not used to heat it has been hard to sleep and all the fans are sold out. I mean literally all..
Unless you wanna spend 300€ on a fan.


Hair has gotten longer and I'm loving it! I'm also trying to get used to my curly texture instead of flat ironing it.
So if you are a curly girl and know great products, tell me your secrets!
On the left pic my hair is all natural and on the right one it had a little help from a curling wand.

I opened Society6 profile! Well technically years ago, but I've been adding more art work and working on new ones.
Go check it out:

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